Our Family has had the butchers shop here since 1942 and from experience we know that a natural customer of P J Kew / Norfolk Bacon is one for whom the quality of a product is the key. A customer who knows, likes and values a product made in a traditional way.

We offer our Bacon, Gammon, and Collar in three categories : Standard, Lean, and Fat. Customers come in all shapes and sizes, and we like to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

That is why our Bacon, Gammon and Collar are produced the way they are, with each element of production carried out to create and enhance our unique taste.

We start by curing the pork using a traditional style brine made to our recipe. The full immersion in brine gives the meat a consistent all round even cure, while giving it the time and opportunity to absorb the full taste of Rich Brown Sugar and Juniper Berries.

When curing is complete we Hot Smoke our produce using a blend of woods with Oak as the main constituent, giving it that lovely golden glow of a well done bacon. Hot Smoking has the effect of both driving out excess moisture, while giving it the real full taste of a proper smoke. Oh So very different from a mass produced painted on smoke.

Once smoked, we hang our bacon at ambient room temperature allowing it time to rest, darken and further absorb the flavour given by the smoke. Then, and only when, we are happy with the product it’s moved into refrigeration and stored allowing it yet further time to dry and mature. In effect the product shrinks while it’s still with us, rather than with the customer, reducing one of the disappointing common problems found in many fast produced bacons.

When all of this is done we vacuum pack it ready for, storage, slicing into bacon, cutting into joints, or dispatching as whole gammons or collars.

Each element of the production is uncompromising, but we end up with a product that is hard to beat. Hence once a customer is with us they tend to stay with us for many years. We hope you will become one of them.