Icons used on product pages

Amount of fat

Standard - normal amount of fat giving the meat a full flavour. Suitable for most people.

Lean - lesser amount of fat than standard. Many people eat lean and trimmed bacon as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Fatter - it is the fat that gives the meat its flavour so having a bit more will make the flavour a bit stronger. Many people find eating the fat is as enjoyable as the meat.

Rasher thickness

Medium - versatile and suitable for most usages in the kitchen. The popular choice for most people.

Thick - choose thick rashers if you like your bacon to be succulent and juicy.

Thin - if you like your bacon to frazzle in the pan choose thin rashers. We charge a little more though because there is more wastage.


Post-A-Pack - denotes product pack is designed to go through a standard letterbox. Vacuum packed with insulation and ice packs as you would expect.