Beef Burgers (6)

Beef Burgers (6)

Guide: 735g/each

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Made by us. Super cooled immediately they are made, we pack them in convenient 6's with a film between to aid separation . Dispatched to you packed in ice ready for your freezer. Can be cooked from frozen. Each burger weighs about 121g. They are ideal to make a quick and easy meal anytime, or the BBQ.


Beef (71%) rusk,dehydrated onion,salt,dextrose,flavour enhancer(E621),dehydrated tomato,diphosphate,citric acid (E330),preservative(E223),pepper, antioxidants (E300 E304i, E307) spice extracts, colour(E120), sage extract, onion extract.

Number of Burgers

6 burgers per pack, with a thin film between to aid separation. (tip) Flick apart with a suitable blunt instrument while still frozen in the pack.