Boneless Slow Cooked Smoked Ham: STANDARD

Boneless Slow Cooked Smoked Ham: STANDARD




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Gently simmered, retaining a full rich flavour of a traditional smoked ham. After cooking, its rapidly cooled, skinned and vacuum packed to keep the flavour in. It's hard to think of a better treat. Ideal for party gatherings. Slice some, and leave some as a joint, it looks nice and tastes as good as it looks. (If out of stock please contact us for details)

Joint size

Whole Boneless Cooked Hams are about 4.5 to 5.5kg. But we are happy to supply joints cut to size. Joints keep well under recommended refrigeration so slices can be cut off as and when you need them. Give us a call for further details or special requests.

Fat content

We select Gammons to cook as hams with a Medium covering of fat. Just enough to give the flavour while keeping the meat moist but not wet.


Smoked using a blend of woods with Oak as the main constituent. Giving our bacon a traditional full, rich smoked flavor to be enjoyed.


Pork, Curing mix/brine: Dark brown sugar, Juniper berries, Naturally occurring minerals potassium nitrate, and sodium nitrite.

Allergy advice

Our product contain no known allergens