Home Cooked Sliced Ham

Home Cooked Sliced Ham




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Just as succulent and tasty as our ham joints. This is a lovely way to enjoy small convenient quantities. Freshly sliced and vacuum just prior to dispatch it can be eaten fresh or put in the freezer ready for use later.
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Fat content

We select Gammons to cook as hams with a Medium covering of fat. Just enough to give the flavour while keeping the meat moist but not wet.

Slice thickness

Standard about 2mm


Smoked using a blend of woods with Oak as the main constituent. Giving our bacon a traditional full, rich smoked flavor to be enjoyed.


Pork, Curing mix/brine: Dark brown sugar, Juniper berries, Naturally occurring minerals potassium nitrate, and sodium nitrite.

Allergy advice

Our product contain no known allergens