Pork and Apple Burgers (6)

Pork and Apple Burgers (6)

Guide: 730g/each

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Made by us. Super cooled immediately they are made, then we pack them in convenient 6's with a film between to aid separation . Dispatched to you packed in ice ready for your freezer. Can be cooked from frozen. Each burger weighs about 121g. They are ideal to make a quick and easy meal anytime, or the BBQ.


Pork (80%),rusk,(wheat flour,salt) salt, soya protein concentrate, dehydrated apple, dried onion, flavour enhancer(E621) spices, persecutive (E223) herbs, antioxidant(E301), sugar, dextrose,acid(E330),acidity regulator(E262(ii)), yeast powder, sunflower oil, flavouring.

Allergy advice

rusk (wheat flour, salt) Please read ingredients list for full information before use.

Number of Burgers

Packed in 6's with a thin film between to aid separation. (tip) Flick apart with suitable blunt implement while still frozen in packet.