Smoked Back Bacon: STANDARD, medium cut

Smoked Back Bacon: STANDARD, medium cut

Guide: 250g/each

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Traditionally cured and smoked bacon that will not froth or shrivel when cooked. Medium thickness for versatility with a normal amount of fat.

Fat content

Normal amount of fat is just the right amount for a full flavour.

Slice thickness

Medium cut bacon is versatile. It can be cooked as you please and ideal to use in many dishes.

Number of rashers

7 rashers (approx).


Smoked using a blend of woods with Oak as the main constituent giving our bacon a traditional full rich smoked flavour.


Pork, Curing mix/brine: Dark brown sugar, Juniper berries, Naturally occurring minerals potassium nitrate, & sodium nitrite.

Allergy advice

Contain no known allergens.